Dreamer is out!

Things have been quiet, but you’ll be glad to know I’ve kept busy. Newsletter subscribers got the scoop early: The second book in The Traveler Trilogy is out now!

Under the alias Jane Doe, Rosie Bissett has gotten used to living outside time. As the last timekeeper, it’s a solitary necessity. But when she jumps to 1916 in search of answers to her past, she winds up finding more than she bargained for—she’s fallen for Mark Gilmore, the combat medic who rescued her when she was a child. To complicate things, the occult group known as the Black Birds is on the search for people with supernatural gifts and thanks to her lingering in the past, they may have just caught wind of her.

After surviving the Western Front, Mark Gilmore is convalescing at Pine Hill Hospital, but it isn’t as peaceful as he imagined. Being haunted by his friend’s ghost makes it hard to tell what’s real. In the aftermath of his sister’s death and his supposedly-dead father’s reappearance, he’s determined to find a way to change the fate of those he loves. To navigate the dangers of secret societies and the hidden realm of dreams, Mark must decide who to trust. But the nurse who calls herself Jane Doe is most certainly not one of them.

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